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Video: Saints Row – The Third Nintendo Switch Performance Analysis

Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package is now available for the Nintendo Switch and it provides gamers with a huge open world to explore. Many of you will be wondering what the Nintendo Switch port is like, so YouTube channel FPSY has handily published an analysis video. Here’s a summary from Reset Era member, Mazi:

  • There’s going to be a patch coming next week.
  • Bug where it gets stuck on the loading screen
  • Native 720p in handheld mode, 1080p in docked mode, but a lot of jaggies
  • Unlocked frame rate, but it can’t even maintain 30 fps
  • Fps can drop to as low as 13 in some instances. it can occasionally run at higher than 30fps but it’s all very inconsistent.


Thanks to mazyar for sending in the news tip!


  1. That’s a pretty poor performance considering there are much more graphically and demanding games on the switch that are running better fps.
    I doubt patches will do as much as anyone would like them to, it’s obviously too flawed already.

    1. and skyrim looks amazing as a port in handheld mode in wich i have experienced very minor problems none of which take away even the slightest bit of enjoyment from the game. they should just hire bethesda to port over all games to switch,
      looks like the team that ported saints row only slapped a nintendo file format name on the game and didn’t fit anything to the switch console . its obviously only a cash in, even the framerate is unlocked wich means “it could run full speed” but mostly less than half.

  2. I’m glad I got a digital download. I would have done so even if gta 5 and watch dogs were on nintendo switch. I’ll buy physical if I can. I do like gta 5 and watch dogs.

  3. i got this digital on switch and not only does it lag on loading screens , it also freezes and crashes (with no cheats entered) on pause menu , map , mission dialogue, exiting buildings , entering vehicles , purchasing items, entering fight animation, exiting fight animation and ecerywhere in between . ide say that in the total 2 days since its release ive had 5 hours of total play and maybe 30mins of consecutive play, so thanks for the $40 trash nintendo and who ever decided to mame saints row for me, the worst port i have ever played. SMH

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