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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle 1.5 Update And DLC Launch 21st May

Nintendo Switch fighting title BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will be receiving an update on 21st May. The update promises some balance adjustments for the game’s characters. The update will also bring some additional paid DLC characters. These characters will be free for those who own the All-in-One downloadable content pack or have also purchased all six existing Character Pack add ons. The characters include Naoto Kurogane, Teddie, Seth, and Heart Aino. More details can be found here.



  1. hold up

    are those Persona 4 characters?

    Surprised that they wouldn’t put in characters from 5 instead.

  2. I wish they supported and advertized the game more.

    Surprise dlc announcements at nintendo directs etc.

    1. They really need more RWBY characters – they were even the reason I bought the game

  3. Wait, the DLC is free for people that purchased the Season pass? Dude, that’s awesome!

  4. May 21 will be a special day because of team sonic racing, resident evil 4, Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland, and now dlc for blazblue cross tag battle.

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