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Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Has Biggest Opening Weekend For A Video Game Movie

It’s been reported that the long-awaited Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie, which launched in cinemas this weekend, has had the biggest opening weekend ever for a movie based on a video game franchise. The film has grossed $170.4 million so far worldwide. The second biggest opening weekend for a video game franchise was Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie which only made $47 million.


  1. I didn’t like it. From the Lickytung stuff to the fact the protagonist didn’t recognize one important characters voice (and plenty more) did ruin the film for me.

    1. Lickitung looked accurate to its original design, I didn’t see a problem with it. And Tim hasn’t seen said character since he was a child, I don’t see how him not recognizing the voice could ruin a whole movie

  2. It wasn’t a terrible movie, but it was largely mediocre outside of the fan service.

  3. I’m confused. I thought this was supposed to be a summer movie. It’s not even summer yet and it’s already in theaters. Whatever.

    Hard to believe how many people go to theaters. I despise everything about theaters. I always wait for movies to release on DVD and Blu-ray. It’s SO much more relaxing to watch movies at home (and not have to smell popcorn and deal with all of the idiots). I think the last time I went to the theater was when the Mask was playing. Wow, that was like 20-25 years ago. I might be wrong. It couldn’t have been that long ago. But I know it’s been over a decade. Not that it matters.

    1. For me, some movies are just meant to be seen in theaters. Movies like Marvel and Star Wars and such just feel less impactful on a home screen, no matter how big a TV you have.

      And honestly, I rarely ever see disruptful audience members. Worst it ever gets is kids being unable to shut up during family friendly movies. Other than that, most I see are well behaved.

      Plus, popcorn is one of the best parts!

  4. Wow y’all Nintendo fans are hard to please. Don’t mind the negative comments people, go watch this movie! It’s dumb fun? Yeah but still, it’s def the first decent videogame movie, and it deserves the success it’s having.

  5. The only thing with the report, which is something that always bugs me with the Movie Industry, they never calculate for inflation. When the average ticket price jumps from $2.69 to $9.01, it’s no wonder so many modern movies break sales records. =b at least Video Game Companies will show use Units Sold.

    1. Well u also hav to take into account for other factors of modern theater. Like for example, profits made by theaters for films has been seeing a decline compared to the amount of ppl back in the 90s and older. On average, their are less viewers per theater today than it was over a decade ago. (Due to the rise of Online and other options and conveniences)
      Also lets not forget past theater factors like Titanic for example, it stayed in theaters for 6 months (if I remember right), compared to todays 2-3 month average; or how it was re-released in theaters a few times over the years tht added to the ticket sale profit, etc, etc.

      So Inflation shuld b taken with a few grains of salt. It holds some ground but completely ignores multiple factors of how profit is made.

  6. Took my daughter to see it and I must say me and my daughter loved it. But that ditto scary stuff.

  7. it’s a good pokemon movie. whoever liked all the animated movies and didnt like this one its nonsense and hypocrite, cause I think its practically the same thing.

  8. Don’t listen to some of these pretty stupid thoughts about the movie and go watch it. Its a fun movie all around from the jokes to the tense moments im sure theres something for everyone

  9. So….. It was a really good movie. It was clearly as much for older fans as or was for new kids. The realistic pokemon were spot on. Very thought out and believable. Was the story amazing? ….excuse me its the fucking detective Pikachu movie, in that regard 100%. Did it need an amazing story? Name a Pokemon game with an amazing story? It was a fun movie about a fun game. It was 100% with its source material. 10/10, it was in fact the detective Pikachu movie

  10. This movie was amazing. Watched it twice. For a live-action adaptation of a video game, it stayed true to character types and even models. The plot was well written given that its audience is both for its older viewers and its new. It’s a great film to watch with kids, but hits the nostalgic emotions with the adults. The story was well written with a focus on family ties and development on oneself in a world where everyone is connected. Aside from the story and the cinematography, the music was astounding. It was able to make new versions of soundtracks that were sampled from games across the times – from the original games Red/Blue/Yellow, and even some from the mystery dungeon series.

    A fan would love this movie, seeing relations of what they grew up with come to life. But whether a fan or not, the movie is atleast a minimum 7.8/10 for non-fans, but as a fan its a strong 8.8/10. The movie deserves the success its been getting, and should continue to grow. I would love to see more movies like this being produced.

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