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YouTuber Discovers Unused Captain Toad Levels In Switch Game’s Files

Captain Toad made his Nintendo Switch debut with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker last year. The fun title received additional downloadable content earlier this year. YouTuber Skelux has now discovered that there’s a number of unused levels hidden within the game’s files. Some of these maps are basically unfinished maps which Nintendo didn’t want to pursue. There are also puzzles built for a special E3 demo and a few levels which were presumably used for beta testing. Skelux has also discovered that the Wii U exclusive Super Mario 3D World levels are hidden away too.

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5 thoughts on “YouTuber Discovers Unused Captain Toad Levels In Switch Game’s Files”

  1. There really aren’t that many stages that would have been cool to added.

    I think the cake stage + the four 3D World stages could have been added to the game, but the other ones are just either demos or builds that would have been boring to play.

  2. Skelux is my man. But I’m getting tired of waiting for Star World, it’s been like 6 years since it was announced.

  3. Why make a sequel when Nintendo can port it over to the 3DS and Switch and make a bucket load of money? But the fact that it’s missing levels but replaced with new levels, not forgetting paid DLC levels, it feels like a scam. On the Wii U, it was a budget game (£24.99) l think. On the Switch, it was topping £39.99.

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