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Japan And US: Mario Kart Tour Beta Codes Incoming

Gamers in Japan and the United States should start receiving their beta codes for Nintendo’s upcoming Mario Kart Tour for Android. The actual beta begins on Wednesday, so codes are now slowly beginning to roll out. Good luck to those who signed up and hopefully you’ll have a code in your inbox!



      1. Trust me people had the guts to leak smash ultimate content before it even release, btw nintendo just sent me the email I’m so happy and I hope you get yours to


  1. I got an email saying I’ll get a code on Wednesday.

    “Thank you for applying for the Mario Kart Tour Closed Beta Test on Android™ devices. Good news: You have been randomly selected to participate!

    Nintendo will send you another email when the Closed Beta Test is ready to start. As a reminder, the Closed Beta Test is scheduled for Wed., May 22 through Tues., June 4.

    Please review the FAQ to make sure you are ready to participate. Thank you for being a Nintendo fan!”

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  2. I wish I could’ve even applied for the beta, but my stone-age smartphone can barely handle Google Chrome (in case you’re wondering, my carrier stopped supporting non-smartphones so if they wanted to keep my contract they gave me- for free- the cheapest-yet-still-just-functional-enough model they could get away with).

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