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Digital Foundry Examines Resident Evil Nintendo Switch Ports

The latest set of video games Digital Foundry have been assessing is the new batch of Resident Evil ports for the Nintendo Switch. The games covered are Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil Zero. You can watch their thoughts on all three of these ports, or alternatively, you can read a quickly summary by Reset Era member, chandoog:

Resident Evil 4:

– Docked: 900p. Portable 600p.
– No gyro controls
– Switch version employs mip-maps. (Not in any other version)
– Targets 60 FPS.
– Docked stays there pretty often but drops to low 50’s in battles/bosses.
– Portable still has some slowdowns but performance is better than Docked.
– John mentions he would have preferred a 30 FPS lock.

Resident Evil Remake:

– Loading times are much longer and you see black screen for 5, 10 seconds after the door animation finishes.
– Docked: 1080p. Portable: 720p (?)
– Some Bad frame pacing (Same as PS4) and occasionally some scenes drop a few frames.

Resident Evil Zero:

Loading times are longer than the door animations and unlike REmake, the animations pauses mid-way to let it finish.

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  1. Never mind I’m not interested in RE4 anymore. I was disappointed finding out that it wont use the Gyro like how they used it on Wii.

    Capcom gets paid a percentage in each Super Smash brothers game and they cant use the gyro controllers?

    I would had paid $60 if it used the Nunchucks. This is Terrible to me. I’m glad I still have my Wii and RE4 for it.

    1. They want $30 for what is essentially a copy paste job with zero effort put into it. You’re better off buying a used copy and then legally play the game on any emulator.

  2. Honestly, they feel like pretty lazy ports. The performance alone is unacceptable. The lengthy load times in REmake are just plain stupid. The Switch is more than capable of handling these games better. Just shows Capcom only did these ports for a quick and easy payday.
    Definitely not worth the price tag imo. $30 each? Complete joke. Especially when considering all of the issues.
    Capcom screwed up here. It’s a shame, the Revelations ports were far better.

  3. Yep, waiting for discounts.
    Pretty sure they will mark devil may cry up to 25€.
    Is EA giving them tips on releasing games on Nintendo platforms?

  4. I’m playing my RE4 on My Wii through my Wii U as we speak. Saved me 30 bucks plus it has the motion controllers I wanted for the Switch version . I also have Resident evil 0 on my Gamecube and the reason 2hy ik not going to buy it on My Switch is because in 2019 why does it take 14 seconds to load up? Only way I would buy this is it has to be 10 dollars. I have a Wii U and a Gamecube so I can play Wii, Wii U and old Gamecube games anyway.

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