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Crash Team Racing Opening Cinematic

The Playstation brand has unveiled more Crash Team Racing media as they have been showing off quite a bit in the run up to the kart racers launch, which is just next month. This time they have uploaded footage which showcases the game’s gorgeous opening cinematic. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled launches on all three consoles on 21st June.


    1. I bet one will do much better than the other specifically because they are both similar games. Most people are gonna pick one or the other, not both

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      1. Maybe the reviews and metacritic scores will help people make up their mind.
        I feel crash will be a more higher rated game.

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      2. Honestly I only want Crash Team Racing because a friend wants to get it and play, but Sonic Team Racing fits my preference more. I’m still salty about Espio, why couldn’t Team Vector have Espio and Charmy while Team Blaze has Marina or Emerl or something in place of Vector?

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      3. @shinygold2

        I want these characters for team sonic racing as dlc (at least 3 out of 12):

        speed: jet the hawk, sticks the badger, Ulala(space channel 5), Amigo(samba de amigo).

        technique: cream the rabbit, wave the swallow, NiGHTS(nights into dreams), Reala(nights into dreams).

        power: Chaos zero(sonic adventure), storm the albatross, Aiai(super monkey ball), Billy hatcher(billy hatcher and the giant egg).


      4. Chaos Zero would’ve been a great character. They could’ve paired Cream wtih Big and Amy while the chao would be in a team with Chaos and Tikal. Leaving out Cream while having Big like that was just bizarre.


      5. Most people arent gonna pick either… they’re both b list games at best and both just ripoffs of DKR and MK8… they’re aimed at kids who still think sonic and crash are cool characters…


    1. N-sane had everything, so i wouldn’t worry =b this isn’t Sega where they don’t even let you download it


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