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Rumour: Witcher 3 Coming To Nintendo Switch September

Multiple video game retailers in Asia have started listing The Witcher: Game of the Year Edition for the Nintendo Switch. If there is some truth behind these listings then the The Witcher: Game of the Year Edition would most likely be a streaming title much like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Resident Evil 7. The Witcher: Game of the Year Edition is currently only available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. This is marked as a rumour.


28 thoughts on “Rumour: Witcher 3 Coming To Nintendo Switch September”

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  3. It might be worth noting that your so called listing says “The Witcher: Game of the Year Edition”. Contrary to what some may think, there were two Witcher games before 3 and the Switch has been getting a TON of older games. There’s no guarantee this isn’t the first Witcher.

    1. True, but I don’t think there is a GOTY version on Witcher 1 and it didn’t really get GOTY anywhere (mid eighties type of game). There is a GOTY version of Witcher 3. In fact 3 is the only one to receive a GOTY from any kind of major outlet or award show (Look at Wikipedia’s list of GOTYs for each year. Again, possible, but more likely W3.

    2. No, it doesn’t. You either didn’t look at the link or lack reading skills. It cleary says “Witcher 3”.

    3. The previous Witcher’s also didn’t sell nearly as well as Witcher 3 because they weren’t as good. Even with an HD remake they wouldn’t barely touch the master and scope of Witcher 3’s design. It wouldn’t make sense for CDPR to port them to switch when putting the resources into a Witcher 3 port would result in way more profit.

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    1. I’m puzzled by this rumour to be honest. I played The Witcher 3 and I would be pleasantly surprised if they got the huge open world game made for PS4, Xbox One and PC running well on Switch. It didn’t run perfectly on the Xbox One or Playstation 4 back when I played it, but that may have since been ironed out. That’s why I mentioned streaming as it would be a good test. It’s a great game! I’m just not 100% on this. It has been listed before and I think that was a European retailer quite some time ago. E3 soon so I’d guess we would hear then!

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  6. If they got this to run on the switch at an acceptable rate of performance that would be a huge technical achievement imo. That being said I would love to have the Witcher 3 or any of the previous ones for that matter on the switch, i would buy them in a heartbeat. As it stands now it’s pretty unlikely that they could get it running acceptably though. If it were to be a streaming game then that sounds a bit more believable but would instantly keep me from a purchase since a good connection is hard to keep while on the go. But Here’s to high hopes for a surprise reveal in a direct lol

  7. I highly doubt that the Switch could handle a massive and amazing game like Witcher III. Why do companies even waste their time making streaming-only titles? It’s like they don’t exist. I wish I’d hear a Witcher 4 announcement for PS4. The worst part about being a gamer is how many years we have to wait for sequels.

    In my 41 years as a gamer (though childhood doesn’t really count, since I couldn’t play games as a baby), there hasn’t been nearly as many games and sequels as I would have liked to have (for all games). Seems like I’ve spent my whole life waiting for sequels.The same way I’ve been waiting since my early teens for my dream video game, yet still haven’t receieved it (don’t get me started. I’m still mad at all game companies I wrote to as a kid for ignoring my ideas. Companies truly don’t care about the fans, unless there’s millions of fans wanting the same thing). Sorry, I got carried away there.

  8. This cant be for streaming only since retailers don’t deal with this games. Its either a physical release or an elaboration high end trolling. The Switch cant run it without major compromises however could be done right.
    Also, streaming only games DO NOT HAVE ARTWORK WITH THEM SINCE THESE GAMES DOESN’T RELEASE ELSEWHERE, so i dont see it as a streaming title only.

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