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Rumour: Nintendo E3 Direct Expected To Be Around 45 Minutes

E3 activities are kicking off this weekend with EA Play and the Xbox E3 conference. Nintendo will be spilling the beans on its upcoming lineup next Tuesday, 11th June.

Nintendo has yet to reveal the Direct’s runtime, but insider, Twitter user The Peaky Bird, says that it is scheduled to be around 45 minutes long. With focus on multiple games this year, there’s going to be plenty to keep viewers glued to their screens. Tune in on YouTube or Twitch on Tuesday 11th June at 5pm BST.


  1. I can see it now, 40 minutes of Animal Crossing and 5 minutes of the rest.
    Just like last year.

    Yes, I’m joking

    1. Yes you’re joking, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Animal Crossing takes up 15 minutes and the new Pokemon games another 15 minutes of the direct. And at the end we get a short compilation of upcoming games which mostly consists of indie titles we have heard of before. Nintendo never disappoints to disappoint.

  2. I just hope they don’t waste half of the Direct on just one game. Basically what Papa Noel said in that first comment. But I’m serious. Except I’d love to hear a lot about Animal Crossing over Pokรฉmon, Fire Emblem, Metroid, Bayonetta etc. I’d faint if they finally showed Pikmin 4.

    1. They probably won’t cover much of pokemon seeing as how the pokemon direct is tomorrow. They will spend a bit with FE but I think that game gets the big tree house segment with Mario maker. An update on bayo 3 would be dope. And they will have at least 5-10 minutes dedicated to indie games

  3. I hope we see finally Retro studio’s there project what the working on before Prime 4, And i hope other suprises. And i stoked how Luigi Mansion 3 will be

      1. So what have they been up to for the last 5 years?
        They only started on prime 4 officially earlier this year.
        I hope for a new DK, surely theyโ€™ll round this off with a 3rd. Just has to happpen.

  4. As long as it announces a lot of games (and not just third-party titles) instead of focusing on just one game, I’ll be okay with this.

    Also; If they’re going to give us explanations to their games, then why not put them on a separate press conference/series like Nintendo Minute (or Treehouse)?
    That way we can have more room for game announcements.

    It’d make us feel less like saying “Okay we get it, can we move on to the next game now?” like last year.

  5. I have hopes for some MP4 teasers, or the Prime Trilogy if that rumor is to be believed.
    Other than that, Bayonetta 3, Astral Chain, Daemon X Machina, and many more (LUIGI’S MANSION 3!!!)
    Gotta start cashing in my pennies!

  6. Since Metroid is in Development limbo now, my one small, tiny hope will be invested for a PaperMario game that goes back to its glorious roots. Heck, even a remake of TY Door would suffice.
    I know Animal Crossing will be shown, so there’s no need to put much faith in that.

    I don’t have much hope for the stuff below and won’t be disappointing if Nin doesnt do these:

    Major Online infrastructure overhaul [The Switch is considered a NINTH gen console, it should start acting like one].

    Better SSBU online features/modes. Single player DLC modes/Content [not just boring characters].

    Virtual Console Successor [or simply bring past gen games that people will actually play and not ditch because the game is just an 8 bit game with low magnetism for attention/devotion.]

  7. I’m almost certain Smash Ultimate Challenger Pack 2’s character will be revealed as well as a tidbit about other content coming with them (I’m hoping for a return to Break the Targets, not that Target Smash crap from Smash 3DS/Wii U).

    Luigi’s Mansion 3, Animal Crossing Switch, Mario Maker, and Fire Emblem Three Houses are a given, since we know nothing about the first two and the latter two come out with a month of E3. We might see more of that Astral Chain game as well. Now that Retro is confirmed to be on board for the restart of Metroid Prime 4’s development, whatever they’ve been up to for the past 5 years has to be ready- there’s no way those wizards have been sitting there dormant since DKC Tropical Freeze, and you can’t tell me otherwise.

    Some portion will go to Indie games making their way over- personally, I’m hoping to FINALLY get a release date for Skullgirls since that was announced for Switch almost a year ago (I’d love to be able to play that anywhere). Other Indies I’m hoping to see are ones like Speedrunners, Gang Beasts, Citizens of Earth, and I Am Bread; maybe we’ll even see some indie game world premieres here.

    And, I know I’ve said this here every year for the past seven, but F. FRICKIN’. ZERO. I don’t want to see F-Zero go the way of Kid Icarus and get a new game once every 25 years. The Switch is PERFECT for its revival.

  8. In traditional Nintendo Direct fashion, there will probably be around 3-5 games that actually interest me, and the rest will put me to sleep. Then I’ll see that people are praising the games that put me to sleep when I read comments later. LOL!

  9. So, basically, par from the course with E3 Directs. I don’t know what’s so “new” about that.

    About what to expect and what to NOT expect (remember: not expecting doesn’t mean it won’t appear. Just keep you anxiety very low):

    NOT to expect:

    – Metroid Prime 4 (since Retro just took it back)
    – Shin Megami Tensei V
    – Persona 5 Scramble
    – Bayonetta 3 (I can see Astral Chain getting all the focus)

    TO expect:

    – Either Animal Crossing or Luigi’s Mansion 3 (or maybe even both) being delayed to 2020 (maybe trailers)
    – More Pokรฉmon Sword and Shield stuff (despite we having a Direct already because Nintendo loves wasting time talking about already known games)
    – More Fire Emblem: Three Houses stuff (see above)
    – Daemon X Machina release date
    – More Astral Chain stuff
    – More Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 stuff
    – Link’s Awakening release date (if it doesn’t get delayed to 2020 too)
    – More Super Mario Maker 2 stuff
    – Some ports people never wanted
    – Some ports people did wanted
    – Two or three new games, tops

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