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Super Mario Run Update 10th June Won’t Work On Android KitKat Or Lower Versions

Nintendo’s first mobile game, Super Mario Run was a fun entry in the Mario franchise, but it didn’t perform as well financially as the company had initally hoped.

The mobile platformer will be receiving a new update on Monday 10th June and those with now old builds of Android such as KitKat or lower will lose support for the game. Super Mario Run will be at Version 3.0.14. Apple’s iOS devices will be unaffected.



  1. This is why I don’t like downloading mobile games. You get use to game, then a update comes along that makes the game unplayable in tell you get the newest devices, or support stops for that game all together and you can’t even play it

    Sonic Runners anyone

    1. Android let’s you back install any OS, sonyou don’t have to get a new phone, just Upgrade or Downgrade your OS, but if you have a iPhone you’re just screwed unless you plan to disconnect it from the Internet.

      1. This is patently false. You can’t just install any version of Android on any device. You’re beholden to (A) what versions of Android the manufacturer supports, or (B) what versions that community distributions support. The community distributions are most often based on the manufacturer’s versions because the manufacturers provide the necessary hardware drivers.

  2. “Super Mario Run was a fun entry in the Mario franchise, but it didn’t perform as well financially as the company had initally hoped.”

    That’s weird; because I could’ve sworn hundreds of millions (if not billions) of people downloaded this. So… am I the only one who thinks it’s rather greedy of them to have so many downloads and STILL call it a bomb?

    Yeah I know it has paid DLC (or more like “pay money to play the full version”), but this is still a free-to-play game… the money spent was SUPPOSED to be optional.

    1. Downloads don’t equate to sales. Nintendo sells its games, it doesn’t give them away for free. The money was never meant to be optional; Nintendo tried delivering a small free demo to entice people into paying for the in-app purchase, but many mobile users found $10 too steep for a mobile game. It’s not a free-to-play game, it’s just a demo; you can only play four stages in the campaign and other two modes run out of tickets too quickly because you can’t get play the other single player stages to earn the free ticket decorations for the Mushroom Kingdom.

      Nintendo doesn’t operate a charity, so no, they’re not being greedy. They’re operating a business. When you’re the one putting thousands of dollars into development, paying developers, paying testers on multiple platforms, not to mention paying to keep the lights on in the buildings, we’ll see how you feel about practically getting no return on your investment relative to the effort, the popularity of the intellectual property, and the costs of marketing.

      It’s not like Nintendo wanted trillions of dollars, they were just hoping people would be happy to pay for quality software on mobile. They do on Nintendo’s own platforms after all. Mobile, however, is not a place where people are happy to spend console levels of money on games.

  3. Dont care! Don’t liked mobile games at all. Touchscreen only is really annoying. I am sticking with consoled systems like Switch, PS4, and XBOX one..

    I will play mobile game for smartphone — 8 Balls pool table and that’s it. Not any mobile games on smartphone. NAH!

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