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Playtonic Teasing Game Reveal Tomorrow

Playtonic, the developers behind the mixed reviewed Yooka-Laylee, have announced on Twitter that they are planning to show off something new that they’ve been working on tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise! We shall keep you informed once it’s been revealed.

14 thoughts on “Playtonic Teasing Game Reveal Tomorrow”

  1. It’s sad when a company has literally only one single title to their name, especially in a span of roughly four years.

      1. Just go on their site or Google them and all you get is Yooka-Laylee.

        They don’t even have a Wikipedia page talking about the company itself.

      1. Except Shovel Knight is actually four major campaigns (seriously, where the hell is King of Cards) that are big enough to be their own games. And they’ve been released years apart from each other.

  2. I think the only thing I could get excited about is it they did a quality spiritual successor to Diddy Kong Racing using Yooka Laylee IP

    1. +CFG
      You know something? That actually would be pretty awesome! Reading your comment has made me realize how much I genuinely want that.

      1. Yeah, there’s honestly enough material from Yooka Laylee to make a diverse cast of racers, familiar settings, and maybe even a cohesive plot (as far as arcade racer plots go) with the Bee villain guy. As long as they had competent level design and an interesting game mechanic or two… They could do well with this idea.

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