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Rumour: Eurogamer Seemingly Implies The Witcher 3 Is Coming To Switch

It seems now that it is inevitable that The Witcher 3 will be announced for the Nintendo Switch system in some shape or form at E3 next week. We’ve seem retailer listings for the game in Asia and other rumours over the last few months. Now Tom Phillips from Eurogamer is implying that it is likely to be coming to Nintendo’s latest platform. Digital Foundry, which is part of Eurogamer, takes a look at how it would be possible to get the visually impressive open world PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One game up and running on Switch.


  1. I think that the right sacrifices could be made, and that the framerate and resolution would obviously take quite a hit, but I don’t think it’ll fit on a Switch cart. I’m guessing it’ll be the sort of thing where it says *small update required* but when you see how “small” the update is you realize it’s just a meager 25 GB.

    1. Lmao I said it in the previous post about the Witcher. It would be a technological miracle if they get it optimized to a playable level and keep the space usage low

      1. how about we get it to a playable level and not worry about the space usage. People know they need a shit ton of space for the Switch anyway

    2. Says it’s 35GB on PC.
      Pretty sure with some compression they could hit 32GB mark.
      Though don’t think they would take the most expensive cart for a 4 year old game.

      1. My thoughts exactly. I’m seriously doubting this will happen at all, but if it does, they’ll really have to pull out all the stops.

        1. Any game is possible on Switch, as you said, will require some sacrifice and optimization, but if there is will, there is way..
          And I do not mean ff15 pocket edition level of sacrificing. Only reason Switch got that atrocity was because they were already making it for mobile phones.

      2. Right. They can pull it off for about 32GB pretty good. I hope they can do it then they can shock people for saying it can’t. I hope that The Witcher 3 team will laugh at those idiot people for being so negative about it.

  2. As someone who has not played the original game, this rumour makes me happy. But I learnt my lesson from that Persona 5 for Switch rumour, so I will be skeptical until oficial confirmation.

  3. The Witcher 3:Pocket Edition.
    As people already said, last time a rumor about a Switch port started, the actual game was something no one expected (Persona 5 Scramble).

  4. An epic game that would make a brilliant switch must have.
    Time will tell, but if the rumours are not true I would expect games like this one and rdr2 to grace a more powerful switch in the future if Nintendo can keep up the hybrid momentum.

  5. This game blew me away when I played it on the PS4. It’s so HUGE. And the DLC was so huge that it’s like 2 games in one. But I don’t think that this Witcher III for Switch rumor will be what most people are hoping for. We all know how Switch ports get screwed over. Even when it’s not caused by lack of power, companies seem to love screwing over Switch ports. Like what Capcom did to the Mega Man (and X) Legacy Collections for Switch.

    1. I gently disagree. All ports I played so far were brilliant.Skyrim might be the best version of that game I know, running flawless, looking great. Fortnite does a pretty good job, Warframe looks very good, Diablo 3 runs pretty much perfect, Cuphead, Rocket League … you name it …

      It’s without question that there are always black sheep, but I really want to emphasize the great work, some studios – not just Panic Button – are doing here.

  6. I don’t really know the game too well, but looking at screenshots of the game running on lowest settings on Windows makes me believe it should be doable to make it run on the Switch while not looking totally bad. I’d probably buy it. After I finally stopped with Skyrim.

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