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(Update: Nope) JeuxVideo Says Miyamoto Will Be At Xbox E3 Conference Today

Large French video gaming website JeuxVideo has sent out a tweet stating that the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto will be appearing onstage at the Xbox conference this evening at 9pm BST. The site has been one of the prominent ones leaking news regarding Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch as well as other X-Cloud information.

Update: Eurogamer’s Tom Phillip’s chimed in with this!

22 thoughts on “(Update: Nope) JeuxVideo Says Miyamoto Will Be At Xbox E3 Conference Today”

  1. Man, before the One, anything with a Nintendo/Microsoft collab would have me excited, but the One is just such a ass-backwards mess of a console and M$ and their gaming philosophy sucks so much anymore, I just cant get excited for whatever this is building up to be.

    1. Before the initial One announcement? Or the current One? Because the current Xbox One console and they’re current philosophy have been kicking the shit out of both Nintendo and Sony. They say the consumer is their number one priority, and they mean it. They only lack the amount of exclusives that Sony and Nintendo have, but that should change next gen, what with them buying up all these development companies recently.

      1. The fact that (and correct me if I am wrong) the One requires you to set up an online account to even use the system offline and multiple games in its early years (maybe less so now) apparently have required patches to even start the game or access key features of them, make the system seem very anti-consumer to me.

        1. Both The Xbox one and PS4 required you to make an online account to play (downloaded) games. Mainly because it’s the only way to download them. They both required you to check in periodically. They both will not allow you to play downloaded games when you aren’t on the main account and you’re offline. They both required you to download patches to play them online (because of developers, not Sony or MS.) To this day though, I only know of a single game that requires you to be always online to play the single player campaign, GT Sport. It might have changed now, but I’m not sure since it’s been so long since I’ve played it.

          Now a days MS has free play days, games pass, EA Play, BC keeps growing, and if you are a primary account holder, you don’t have to stay online. The store can also connect to your bing rewards which gives you extra points, and those can be redeemed for xbox live cards or even pay for your Xbox live, which includes GWG. I don’t see how anyone can call MS anti-consumer now a days.

      2. I am not referring to download games, I am talking about retail releases. Like I said, this is the info I have heard an I dont know how 100% true it is, but I have read that when you buy any model of the One brand new, you need to first go online to create an account, even if you have no intention of ever taking your system online. Further more, games like Rare Replay wont even let you play some of the games on it without connecting online and I have heard some of the titles, like Dead Rising 3, wont even start up at all without downloading a patch. That is pretty anti-consumer to me if those are true.

        1. This is the first I’ve heard of anyone trying to buy a current gen console with no intentions of ever connecting to the internet, but I can confirm that you do need an account to connect to anything with Windows 10, and yes, the XBO does run on Windows 10.

          I’ve personally used rare replay without internet connection, so that’s a lie, unless you meant the whole periodically internet check, which as I said, it’s required when you aren’t on your primary account. (Those who complain about this, are those who gameshare, which is also an issue on PS) don’t gameshare, and you’ll be fine, no online check-ins.

          Dead Rising is a Capcom issue, not an XBOX issue. Capcom released a broken game, and it needs a patch to run, again, it’s a Capcom issue. If Capcom released Resident Evil 4 on the switch, and it was so broken that it needed a day one patch, you wouldn’t blame Nintendo.

      3. And what about the Xbox 360 games for Rare Replay? According to wikipedia and other sources I have read, none of the Xbox Live games or games like Perfect Dark Zero are able to be run from just the game disc, they require you to connect online to start them (I dont know if this is a 1 time check or what, apparently these games are not even accessed from the main Rare Replay menu) Nobody tolerates that kind of stuff when companies on the Switch release incomplete games that require you to download the rest online.

        Besides Dead Rising, doesn’t the one Halo compilation also require a patch to even launch the game at all?

        Regardless, the need to create an account online to even use the system makes it about as appealing as a brick once they drop support for it. At best, you can hope someone hacks a preowned machine before selling it in the future, not that it will make up for incomplete games that wont start-up.

      4. Also, Microsoft were the publishers for Dead Rising 3 from what I remember, so they should be held just as accountable as Capcom.

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