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Nintendo Has Announced A Limited Edition Of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

If you have been interested in the remake of The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, then you may want to get your wallet ready. Nintendo has announced that a Limited Edition of the game will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch on September 20th, the same day as the game itself. It includes the game, a 120-page artbook and a GameBoy-themed Steelbook. You can see the official tweet for yourself down below.


  1. i love limited editions but this one is ridiculous…. i like the design of the box but an artbook, e steelbook case…
    thats it. jesus no figure with the windegg ore something to set up?
    how about a mini gameboy with the titlescreen of the zelda game?
    i would like to have it withe the windfish melody.

  2. Link’s Awakening is the first game my now passed away dad gave me. I have so many nostalgic memories, not just from this game, but around it as well. In his last weeks I made him listen to the trailer of this game and asked him if he remembered the melody. He said “no, but I do remember the Super Mario theme”. He started softly humming on the Mario theme, but suddenly stopped when Marion started humming at the very end of the trailer. “I do remember this though” he said.

  3. They could have included the amibo, but his is exactly the kind of limited edition I like. Cool box, artbook and not too pricey :)

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