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Pokemon Sword & Shield Treehouse Stream Explains Wild Area, Communication Features And More

With the Nintendo Direct wrapped up at E3 2019, we’re jumping straight into the Nintendo Treehouse for some live gameplay of the highly anticipated Pokemon Sword and Shield titles for the Nintendo Switch. Joined by the game’s producer Junichi Masuda and the game’s director Shigeru Ohmori, the stream takes a deeper dive into the Wild Area, which spans multiple towns and cities.

When players are roaming the Wild Area, the camera can be moved to explore freely. Similar to the Let’s Go games, Pokemon will wander around within the Wild Area, but there’s also the opportunity to encounter random battles in the grass too, kindly represented by the exclamation mark on screen. You can also whistle to attract Pokemon, such as flying types that may be harder to physically bump into. And since the weather changes daily, there’s a huge variety of Pokemon that can be encountered during different weather conditions, e.g. water types during rain and ice types when it’s snowing.

Masuda and Ohmori briefly touched upon Pokemon level ranges in the Wild Area. Depending on where you go in the area, Pokemon will get stronger or weaker, so you may not be able to defeat them straight away. Hidden items also make a return, with items being replenished every time you revisit the Wild Area, so there’s something new every time.

During the stream, the Treehouse team also explained how the communications features work. Known as the Y-Comm, the feature enables players to send ‘stamps’ to each other to initiate a trade, a battle or to join in with a max raid battle to take on a Dynamax Pokemon, either via local wireless or online. Pokemon Sword and Shield release simultaneously on November 15th this year.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse

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