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Nintendo’s Doug Bowser: “You Know Nintendo Well Enough To Know That We Always Have Done Things Our Own Way”

This isn’t the first time that we’ve written about IGN’s interview with Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser, but that wasn’t all that IGN’s E3 2019 interview covered. Firstly Bowser discussed focusing on the Switch and not some successor hardware. He said that “in the US, the momentum has been strong for the last five months or so. We’ve been the number one selling console. There are people that are always thinking about what’s next, but in a way, and the team we have here, we’re thinking about what we have right now. Obviously, there’s a lot of anticipated announcements that may happen here at E3 from some of the other manufacturers, but for us, we’re just entering our third year on Nintendo Switch. We’ve got considerable momentum.”

Secondly, Bowser explained how they decided what content to put in Nintendo Directs. Bowser explained that “Depending on how much content we have to share, we determine how we want to space it out. From time to time, depending on the franchise, depending on where we are in the readiness of the development, we may tease some things out,. We’d already talked about Animal Crossing: New Horizons coming. We wanted to make sure that fans knew when it was going to come and where we were in the development process.”

Lastly is in regards to Nintendo’s contributions to E3. Bowser explained that “we don’t necessarily see E3 as a need to have a debut of something. It’s more of sharing content with consumers throughout the year so they see what’s coming and they can get excited about it. You know Nintendo well enough to know that we always have done things our own way. And for us, we have just found that type of communication cadence to be the most effective for our content that we’re bringing to market. We continue to look at the content that’s available, where it is in its development, and then we’ll schedule our communication to our fans and to players when it’s right”.


12 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Doug Bowser: “You Know Nintendo Well Enough To Know That We Always Have Done Things Our Own Way””

      1. Dark Crystal was a surprise. It doesn’t look as good as I’d like it to, but I love me some Dark Crystal.

        1. They only revealed two tiny, insignificant things in the Pokémon part of it, so what are you talking about?

          1. I didn’t know about these changes, but I’m glad that they’re finally doing this. Any TCG player knows that you have to limit the amount of cards (or in this instance Pokémon) available to the meta. It limits so much design space, and forces so many resources to be spent on balancing the meta and even the adventure. Besides, we have so many Pokémon that no one cares about, and a new adventure should be about building a brand new team anyway. It’s really not that big of a deal, and it’s going to be far healthier for the series in the long-run.

            Hell, maybe they’re planning on bringing back the availability of all Pokémon for the third (and fourth) game(s), and divide it up into different meta formats (again, like in many TCG’s).

            1. Glad you’re perfectly content.

              Because I’m done.

              In fact, all this lacking business in the franchise started the minute they made the jump to 3D models in January 2016. Now several of people’s hard-trained Pokemon are going to be cut from future games (like this is fucking Smash/Street Fighter) for the remainder of the franchise.

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