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NBA 2K19 Now Available For Only $2.99 On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners can score a pretty sweet deal on NBA 2K19. If you purchase the digital version of the game via the Nintendo eShop, you can get it for only $2.99 – down from its original asking price of $59.99. This deal is available only for a limited time, so be sure to take advantage of it before it’s too late. If you’re signed in to your Nintendo Account, you can buy the game straight from Nintendo’s official website by clicking here.

12 thoughts on “NBA 2K19 Now Available For Only $2.99 On Nintendo Switch”

  1. “Now Available”, even tho it’s been available for about a full week now, and the deal ends in 2 days. Several other places reported on this last week as well. Still, it’s a good deal for those who want it. Granted, you’re a week late on reporting on it, but better late than never. Tho you are cutting it a little too close to the end date. This really should of been mentioned here last week.

  2. Saw this on sale last week and decided not to buy it even at that price cus I will probly never play it anyways lol wanted to try it when it first released but I’m over it

  3. I got it for that price, and it was a waste of $3. This port has glitches that don’t exist in other versions, such as players flopping all over the place after a foul. The framerate is terrible, and I’m not even usually one to complain about framerate, but in this title it makes the game harder AND gives you headaches. This title is 100x better on Steam for $20 with mods and you’ll get a silky smooth framerate for drilling your jumpshots. The moment I need extra storage space, this title is GONE.

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