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Rumor: A Chinese Gaming Company Says That They’re Releasing Switch Mini Accessories

E3 2019, as Nintendo promised, came and went without any hardware announcements. However, the Nintendo Switch Mini rumor mill is still going strongly. A gaming company that is in China informed a Twitter user that they will be releasing accessories for the Switch Mini, including carry bags, screen protectors and more. The company, HonSon Group, also has product pages for these accessories on their official website.

Images for their products can be seen with what are apparently renderings of the Switch Mini that HonSon Group made themselves. This is something that, as ZhugeEX explained on Twitter, Chinese companies do a lot with unannounced products. The images are likely fake, but their unofficial confirmation of the Switch Mini is still very much a thing. Obviously, this didn’t come from Nintendo, so we will just have to wait and see for the time being. ZhugeEX’s tweet, which also includes the original tweet that relayed the news, is down below.

6 thoughts on “Rumor: A Chinese Gaming Company Says That They’re Releasing Switch Mini Accessories”

  1. I was almost gonna believe this till I saw china, they release alot off brand stuff it doesn’t I remember seeing them do something like n64 classic hdmi cables

  2. I actually think if they are releasing a Switch mini they would be better off leaving it until next year when the PS5 and new Xbox release. It would be a good proposition to have a cheaper Switch come out around the time that the likely £400+ consoles arrive.

  3. Looking at those pictures, I’m pretty sure this is fake. Obviously the switch mini render can’t be trusted, but even the cases are clearly normal switch cases – they look to be the exact same size (easy to gauge based on the size/number of card slots). You’d think the mini’s case would be smaller. That being said, I’m not counting out the possibility of a switch mini coming soon. Just saying the pics are really really fake.

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