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Witcher 3 Switch Includes Both Expansions & All 16 DLCs On One Single Game Card

It was surprising to hear the announcement at E3 that the huge and visually impressive The Witcher 3 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this year despite the rumours. CD Project Red has confirmed on Twitter that the game card will contain the base game as well as both expansions and the 16 downloadable content packs on just one single Nintendo Switch cartridge. That’s one single game card!

25 thoughts on “Witcher 3 Switch Includes Both Expansions & All 16 DLCs On One Single Game Card”

  1. With my amazing GERMAN SKILLSET I can also tell you something that surprised me when going on it says “Erscheint in Kürze”, meaning that it would be released very soon.
    I thought it would come out later this year, but “in Kürze” usually means everything from next week to next month.

    1. Don’t know if I’d consider “in Kürze” to be <month.

      "In Kürze/erscheint bald" to me is just "soon".

      Don't know if I'd get up my high hopes on that one

      1. I mean, are they selling the Witcher at a loss then? Because I’d consider the Witcher 3 to be much bigger than other games that required an additional download like L.A. Noire and even DOOM.

        1. Nah, they’re not selling at loss ofc, but it takes a little chunck of the bottomline. That’s why other publishers/developers want to use a smaller chip and let you down load the rest, so they earn more per game sale.

      2. Meanwhile games like Mortal Kombat and the Spyro trilogy require downloads for more than half of the games’ contents… If these guys and Ninty can do it, why can’t other AAA devs?

        1. Costs more money to have chips with more storage. This is a 32GB card if I’ve heard correctly, and it’s one of the first ever to use it, at least on a western game. Dragon Quest Heroes in Japan is the only other game I’ve heard of using that size. I don’t think there are any 64GB cards out there yet either.

      3. I’m buying this just out of pure curiosity, I want to see how well it runs personally in handheld and docked, and if a more powerful switch is coming I want to see if the graphical quality and performance improves on said rumored enhanced switch, plus this is the best looking 3rd party $60 priced switch packages I’ve ever seen, with the whole damn game on a card at that.
        Cheap asses like Bethesda, Crapcom, Square Enix, and Ubisoft need to learn from CDPR and release quality physical games like this for the Switch, you know…. with the whole damn game on the cartridge, people tend to lean towards buying physical if they know the whole damn thing is on the actual card without requiring a mandatory download after buying it.

      4. This proves that there’s no reason for ANY game to be only half physical and half downloadable (I’m thinking of you, Mega Man Legacy and X Collections). I felt that same way even with Breath Of The Wild and it’s huge world. I won’t even buy games if they don’t contain the full game.

      5. CD Projekt Red showing every other developer up on the Switch. And that even includes Nintendo with some of their games. Well I can’t defend other companies for wanting to save money & not pay the prices for the higher storage game cards anymore.

          1. Even if that is true, they still had to pay for the game card. The devs that are working on it aren’t doing it for free or out of the kindness of their own hearts. So they still showed everyone, including Nintendo, up.

        1. Normally i would complain that this Is full price But to Get the full game With all the expansions on there even on a 32gb card Is impressive. I’ll probably pay full price just to support cd projekt red and saber. I trust that they got it to run with stable performance since they’ve been speaking well on the port.

        2. Witcher 3 plus all of its DLCs on one cart, yet Capcom can’t fit Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (4 retro 2d platformers) on the same cart as the first collection.

        3. To anyone who hasn’t played The Witcher III, I highly recommend it. In the beginning, I wasn’t really feeling it. But I continued playing because I really wanted it to get it’s hooks into me. And boy did it ever. Around the time of that first Griffin hunt, I started feeling it. And I wanted to continue hunting more monsters. It seemed to get better and better as I progressed. Even though there were certain things about the game that I never fully understood how to do. Such as the powerful magic spells. There’s one move where Geralt can continually shoot fire from his hands. That’s just as example of one I never understood. All I was ever able to do is simply shoot fire momentarily.

          The size of the world blew me away. There’s just SO much to do. I love how some enemies are so powerful that you’ll get your ass handed to you if you go after them too soon. Yet it still allows you to try. Defeating the powerful monsters is always so satisfying. The DLC expansions are also mind-blowingly HUGE. Especially the Blood & Wine expansion. SO fun. I know I’ll eventually buy this for the Switch as well, and I’ll DEFINITELY buy a Witcher IV if it ever releases. Hell yeah!

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