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Sonic Team Boss Says 30th Anniversary Will Be Significant Year For Sonic

SEGA’s mascot Sonic the Hedgehog will be celebrating his 30th anniversary in 2021 and the Sonic Team has big plans to celebrate the occasion. Game Informer had the opportunity to chat with the head of Sonic Team, who as you know, is Takashi Iizuka. Mr. Iizuka told them that it is going to be a big year for the spiky blue hedgehog and the company is hoping to surprise fans. He added that preparations are now underway.

“2017 was a big year for Sonic,” Iizuka says. “The next big year for Sonic is 2021. That’s the 30-year anniversary for Sonic. We are now preparing.”

I told him that in past anniversary years, like 2011 where we got Sonic Generations, Sega released big milestone games to mark the occasion. When I ask if that might be the case for 2021, he chuckles and lets out a soft, “Maybe.”

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  1. Well, whatever Mr. Iizuka and his development crew are planning for the occasion, I’m looking forward to his 30th anniversary in 2021. I bet Sonic Team is developing it right now. I hope they rethink their mistakes from Sonic Forces.

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      1. The story was great and the last levels was really amazing but, the beginning levels was just another disappointment. its a complete disgrace. I mean, if Sonic Team development crew could at least take there time on developing levels without being too short, then we won’t not have this problem in the game since the levels was criticized by reviews.and critics.


  2. Hoping for a new 3d sonic game I honestly wish sega would let nintendo give sonic the bayonetta treatment she’s like one of the only sega characters I have seen gotten better treatment, oh wait I forgot majority of sega mascots barely even get representation or games


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