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Nintendo Says Luigi’s Mansion 3 Date Will Come When Next Level Games Are Ready

Luigi’s Mansion 3 was dated for a 2019 release last fall. When E3 2019 arrived and Nintendo showed more of the game, it still had a release window of 2019. Well, Nintendo senior product marketing manager Bill Trinen explained why in an E3 interview with Polygon. According to Trinen, Next Level Games is “putting a lot of care into the game. We want to let them put the care into it they want, so we’re waiting on them to let us know and we’ll solidify the release date”.


7 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Luigi’s Mansion 3 Date Will Come When Next Level Games Are Ready”

  1. I find it funny how the name of the article gave all the info found within the article itself. What exactly is the point of doing that exactly?

    1. To avoid any confusion, misinterpretations or clickbait concerns. =)

      There have also been cases where we have gotten news tips for things that we already wrote on that same day, because the headline wasn’t clear enough. XD

      1. Yeah I guess but… it could have just as well said something like “Bill Trinen on Next Level Games and the release of Luigis Mansion 3” at the very least a little less redundant.

      2. Well, that make sense to me i have to say, I remember a week ago that the leaker on Twiiter got in trouble by Nintendo and Sabi was threaten by them of revealing Luigi Mansion 3 big reveal when it went public for a short time before E-3 and later got trouble by Nintendo..

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