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Crash Team Racing: Nintendo Switch Version Is 720p Docked And 480p Handheld

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled zoomed onto the Nintendo Switch on Friday and the game’s resolution and framerate have been revealed. Those of you playing the game with your Nintendo Switch docked to the TV will enjoy 720p and those who are playing it undocked and in handheld mode will be saddened to hear the resolution there is 480p. The game runs at 30fps on all systems, yes, even the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro versions run at the very same framerate.


9 thoughts on “Crash Team Racing: Nintendo Switch Version Is 720p Docked And 480p Handheld”

    1. How so?
      They barely taken out much graphics in the Switch version
      Only real notice is tht they taken out Fur shaders (which honestly makes Crash look better)
      They wanted to keep the graphics as close as possible to other platforms, so they sacrificed resolution
      Hell Xbox One (base) is running this game at 1080p with no performance dips. (even in 4 player splitscreen)
      Doesnt sound like bad to me.

      1. Well, the programming is not bad because the game looks great… but that loading time though !
        Not saying MK8DX looks better but still 60fps, 1080p and decent loading time. I think this game has room to run at 60fps on every plateforme with better programming.

    2. and people dare to say that the switch is at the same level o powerr of Xbox One and PS4, Underpower tablet gimick machine with nintendo triple A games, basically a glorified wii u (btw i dont have the other systems Just PC and Switch but im a fanboy without nostalgia Glasses)

      1. Of course it’s a tablet. It’s a tablet. It has the insides of a tablet. It has the pros and cons of a tablet. The difference is a tablet actually has use (the gimmick part as you so put). The others are low end PCs that exist because they can subsidize the cost a bit to lower the initial price for those that want/need a good bang for the buck, budget PC. AND because they produce or purchase console exclusives to convince you to buy.

        Beyond that, the Switch has very little in common with the Wii U on the inside, and only a passing similarity to the tablet controller, even though it is as different a tablet as you could possibly manufacture. The best “gimmick” of the Wii U (separate screen, asynchronous multiplayer) was never fully realized outside a couple NintendoLand games and ZombiU. The “gimmick” of the Switch’s hybridness is well established and useful to many, although clearly not all.

    3. Wow, I heard that this would at least run at 60 on Xbone X and PS4 Pro. That is unbelievably shoddy. Switch actually winds up being the least short-changed here. 480p handheld ain’t great but 720p docked is fine for the Switch’s power (even handheld it probably looks adequate). The PS4 and Xbone, even the base versions should be doing way better, should be running this game at 60. If you had an X or a Pro, you ought to be offended by this.

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