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Rumour: Final Fantasy VIII Remastered physical edition listed at Base

It appears as though the upcoming remaster of Final Fantasy VIII could be coming as a physical release, as well as digital. Previous rumblings suggested Final Fantasy VIII is receiving a physical edition and now Reset Era member Manustany has spotted a physical edition for the game listed on Base and it is listed for this year. Hopefully this gets confirmed by Square Enix in the very near future.


3 thoughts on “Rumour: Final Fantasy VIII Remastered physical edition listed at Base”

  1. I’d rather it get a remake. Not to the same degree as FF7 but more akin to the DS remakes of Final Fantasy IV where they basically just updated the graphics & such. No need to make it open world like they appear to be doing with FF7’s remake.

    1. I don’t really get the FF7 remake. They are making a prettier version of a game that everyone and their grandmother already knows what happens in it.
      When I think of the scale of old RPG games, making a game even feel as big todays standards is going to get really expensive, so how much of the original is going to get cut?

      1. It seems like they might be adding more to the story of FF7 instead of taking stuff away. I hear those shadowy things attacking Aerith that Cloud is protecting her from in the trailer weren’t in the original game.

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