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Teaser trailer: Cuphead The Delicious Last Course coming 2020

The Cuphead downloadable content you’ve all been waiting for has sadly been delayed and is now coming next year. It is superbly titled The Delicious Last Course which abbreviated reads, The DLC. The news was revealed in a teaser trailer uploaded by developers, Studio MDHR. Have a watch below for a glimpse at the paid downloadable content.

7 thoughts on “Teaser trailer: Cuphead The Delicious Last Course coming 2020”

  1. I’m itching to play this game, but waiting for physical.
    This obviously now means next year at the earliest.

      1. This article is about the DLC. His comment is about the physical release. He’s inferring that the physical release is delayed due to the DLC being delayed.

  2. People, this game might be among Switch’s brightest stars. At least for me. I don’t even own it, but a friend does and it has just become a ritual to meet nd spend an entire evening bending and hacking our joypads to finally beat …. one level … sometimes 2. Rarely even 3 (depending on the length of the evening and the beer-supply)
    I didn’t dared to buy it as Ikaruga already took the place in my library for that go-to game when I’m looking for some ridiculous challenge. But I’m so glad I got to know it that way. Especially of course as the whole presentation might be among the greatest things that have come out cross media in the last decade. The animations, designs and the behaviors of these superweird enemies never cease to impress. And looking how all of this comes from an indie team, when way, way bigger studios struggle to create a decent game – looking how all of these animations never stand in the way of the gameplay, that always makes you responsible for all faults and not the presentation or controls –
    It’s just crazy how well the whole formula works.
    Along with Hollow Knight, it’s another example of how well a small team can do things that otherwise you would assume demand for so many talented creatives to pull something as polished as this off. Big Love.

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