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Digital Foundry Retro looks at the classic Turok

The latest edition of Digital Foundry Retro has taken a look at the beloved Turok – Dinosaur Hunter which was a N64 launch title here in the UK. The game also recently received an HD remaster on various platforms. Have a watch of the in-depth analysis from the team down below.

DF Retro is back with a deep dive into one of the most technically impressive console games of its period – Turok Dinosaur Hunter’s reputation may have diminished in the last 20 years, but in some respects it challenged and even exceeded the mighty Quake. John takes us back in time, along with a special mystery guest star… 

1 thought on “Digital Foundry Retro looks at the classic Turok”

  1. Back when the N64 was new, I loved the first two Turok games. I really wish that I known about Turok 3.

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