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Next Crash Team Racing update utilises Boost Mode to improve Switch load times

Activision and developer Beenox has announced plans for an upcoming update for all versions of Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled. All versions will benefit from improved load times, but the Nintendo Switch version is chronically in need of it. Beenox has announced in the patch notes that they will be using boost mode on the Nintendo Switch in an effort to eliminate the lengthy load times on the system. The Nintendo Switch patch will go live later next week while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be available in the next few days. Here’s what’s included:

All Platforms:

  • Loading time improvements on all platforms
  • Stability fixes when playing online
  • Adjustment to track selection frequency when choosing tracks in online matchmaking lobbies
  • Fix for various track lap exploits
  • Adjustment of global cooldown for power-ups on all players (prevent timeclock/warp orb spamming)
  • Fix to lobbies not repopulating properly after player quits
  • Fix to position shuffling and rewards at race end
  • Various other issues

Nintendo Switch Specific:

  • Improvements to loading times using Boost Mode


Thanks to Brandon Rogers for sending in the news tip!

7 thoughts on “Next Crash Team Racing update utilises Boost Mode to improve Switch load times”

  1. THANK goodness- those load times are bad. Like, Sonic ’06 bad.

    And the online so far has been absolute crap- five times I was in an online race and was actually winning, only for the game to freeze with a message saying “the game was closed due to an unexpected error” and force-quit INCHES from the finish line. It truly makes me afraid to place first in online races, it’s happened so often (not that I even get remotely close to winning most of the time- perhaps it’s those track exploits, but I see players more than half a lap ahead of me on the minimap and wonder how they got that far ahead when things started so evenly).

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