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Nintendo of America announces physical version of Tetris 99

Nintendo of America has announced that a physical version of Tetris 99 is on the way. It will officially arrive in stores on September 6, complete with all of the latest DLC and a one-year subscription to Nintendo Switch Online for $29.99. In addition, two offline local multiplayer modes will be added to the game’s Big Block DLC later this year. Up to eight friends can battle together in Local Arena, while two players can share Joy-Con controllers in 2P Share Battle.


3 thoughts on “Nintendo of America announces physical version of Tetris 99”

    1. It already *is* downloadable. This is how they’re going to get it seen moms, dads, and kids, who don’t go digging deep into the eshop when making their buying decisions.

  1. So it’s cheaper to buy the physical version than it is to renew my Nintendo Online and buy the DLC? Great deal. The physical cart is functionally free.

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