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It seems that The Hero is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sometime this month

A new video from Nintendo of America seems may interest those of you that play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The video is called “Nintendo Switch – Fan-Favorites & Newest Releases – July”. The next DLC for the game, The Hero from Dragon Quest, has a heavy presence in the video. An exact release date was not in the video itself, but its presence in a video like this has caused a lot of people to speculate that The Hero will be coming sometime this month. You can see the video for yourself down below.


  1. This is all good, but it’s banjo that everyone’s so hyped for.
    I wonder what characters will be next? Gona be hard to top banjo and kazooie.

  2. This is the guy who won the tournament of power right?

    1. Hah! Seriously, though. The Hero of DQ11 looking like Android 17 probably isn’t by accident. Since Toriyama is the artist of most Dragon Quest games & he also created Dragon Ball, this was probably purposely done.

      1. He always reminded me of Trunks more than 17. I think it’s the eyes

      2. Didnt toriyama did the art for this game? Same with chrono trigger. I mean look at him and tapion.

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