Mario Kart 7 attached to pictures of flea collar for cats on Amazon

The Amazon listing for Mario Kart 7 is a bit… misleading to say the least. Instead of displaying the official cover art and screenshots to showcase the Nintendo 3DS racing title, it’s attached to images of a flea and tick collar for good ol’ cats. The listing may have somewhat made sense if Cat Mario was in the game, but that’s not even the case. Hey, at least you’ll be equipped with an entire year of protection if you end up getting the collar.



  1. Cats have 9 lives. This is obviously a tease for Mario Kart 9 that Amazon is in on somehow.

  2. I wonder if you ordered this ud receive the collar.
    I know back along it was actually mentioned on this site someone bought a switch from amazon and they received some daz washing powder.
    Strange things!

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