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Video: Digital Foundry examines new Astral Chain build

Digital Foundry has had the chance to play the latest build of Astral Chain at a press event in Germany at Nintendo Europe headquarters. While they were subject to the usual embargoes regarding what they can and can’t talk about and show, they do provide their own opinion of what they played of the fast-paced and futuristic action title for the Nintendo Switch. Hear their views below.

4 thoughts on “Video: Digital Foundry examines new Astral Chain build”

  1. Game looks amazing honestly. I still haven’t played nier because I just don’t have the time to sit and play at home, I wish it was on switch but this looks as close as it’ll get. I’m happy there’s some exploration involved, that was my main concern Im not a big fan of simple stage selection in action games since it creates a disjointed feel.

    1. Yeah, I know I’m a little late to the party but I’ve been playing through Xenoblade 2 and realizing just how much I’ve been playing on handheld mode. One of the reason I put it off is I thought I wasn’t going to have enough time to play it. I’ve put off buying so many games on PS4 just cuz I knew I wouldn’t have the time lol. The Switch’s handheld mode has been a blessing in that sense.

      On subject though, Astral Chain does look phenomenal and gameplay looks sick. August can’t come soon enough but I have to get through Xenoblade first so the grind is real right now 😅

      1. I’ve put 100 hours into Xenoblade and stayed just about 75% done with the main campaign I would say. That game is huge. I put off playing it so I could play some other games. I’ll return to it eventually. I got my moneys worth so I’m not mad I haven’t finished it lol

        1. I’ve got about 70 hours in right now and there’s so much I have to go back and discover due to not having the right blades to unlock certain things. I haven’t played tiger tiger as much as I should either for poppi. Story is so good though so I’m hooked lol. I’ve got Torna waiting too… lol.

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