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Junichi Masuda says everyone thinks Pokemon is developed by Nintendo

It is no surprise to hear the latest comments by Pokemon director Junichi Masuda who said in a recent video that 100% of 200 people questioned thought that the Pokemon series is developed at Nintendo. As we all know, Game Freak is the developer behind the Pokemon titles. Mr. Masuda hopes that Game Freak can make more of a name for themselves so that people eventually realise that it is Game Freak behind Pokemon and not Nintendo.


23 thoughts on “Junichi Masuda says everyone thinks Pokemon is developed by Nintendo”

  1. Right now I wish that was the case, if Nintendo were making the game it would actually look good.

    1. The game used to take pretty big steps each generation to add new things that made the games great.

      The problem I have is that they take 1 step forward 2 steps back.
      Battle frontier in Gen 3 had a variety of things to do and the facilities were all very aesthetically pleasing, but gen 4 made it look more generic and removed 2 facilities, then it hasn’t appeared since.

      Secret bases were great, and the underground in sinnoh was amazing. If a side activities is having me play for hours just for fun (not to get points for moves or something i.e. surfing on mantine), it’s really well designed.

      Following pokemon was awesome, but it hasn’t yet come back (until Gen 8 comes out).

      3D is good in concept, but I genuinely liked the way the pokemon looked when they were 2D just because the animations are pretty cut n dry and the colors are soooo washed out. If they redid the textures to have more color and texture, gave em normal and specular mapping, etc, and gave em battle revolution style animations, then it’d be a giant step forward. This level of detail is, in my opinion, the absolute peak of how good a pokemon can look before it starts getting overdone (scaly skin texture with normal mapping, specular mapping for that shine, good lighting, and a wicked cool animation with lots of particle effects surrounding it).

      They come up with plenty of good ideas regularly, but they only include it for 1 or 2 games. If they just compounded the ideas on top of each other, each game would feel more like a straight improvement to what we just had rather than a different experience that isn’t necessarily better.

      1. Like only having one gen in the franchise that let the first Pokemon in your team (if they weren’t KO’d) follow directly behind you on the map. I miss that feature from Heartgold/Soulsilver. If only they added it to every subsequent gen…

      1. Something like that will never happen until Nintendo allows all of their games to go multi-platform, which will never happen unless Nintendo stops making consoles. Which will hopefully never happen.

        While Game Freak are able to make games for other consoles (i.e. Tembo the Bada** Elephant), The Pokemon Company is a subsidiary of Nintendo itself. The only way I could see something LIKE that happening would be if Nintendo/TPC decided to allow their games to be ported to Mobile, since that’s a platform that Nintendo is actually using outside of their own consoles. But I don’t really think that will happen either.

        I honestly think this survey/question is silly. The fact is, most of the general public has no idea who develops a game. They look at a game on Playstation and they assume that Sony made that game, and the same goes for Nintendo and Xbox. That being said, the sort of gamers that follow releases, news, etc. would be savvy enough to know the difference between a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party game.

        Out of those 200 people surveyed, I’d be curious to know how many could name more than maybe 2 or 3 actual game developers anyhow. Otherwise, I would never expect them to know who Game Freak even is.

      2. Well Nintendo is an equal owner (and in reality is probably the majority owner since they own a large portion of Creatures, one of the other owners) of the franchise and overall owner of the trademark so unless they wanted to devalue their own hardware by losing a very popular exclusive series it is unlikely to happen. The closest you would probably get to Pokémon on another console would be if game freak decided to make a similar game with a different name.

    2. This desire of masuda comes from the first game, where the protagonist is Satoshi ( from the creator of the game) and the rival is Shigeru (from Shigeru Mishamoto).

    3. Been waiting for World of warcraft kind of game for ages and ages , they would be rich. Think wow meets the Witcher 3 , meets Monster Hunter World with a special mention for breath of the wild.

    4. I wish because of these comments that Nintendo would tell Masuda and game freak “ you know what? Take a break. We got the next one.” To show them how it’s done lol.

      I don’t dislike Masuda at all but lately he seems a bit defiant. Wonder why?

      1. It’s hard to take that claim seriously when they are hedging their bets by working on multiple titles instead of focusing their manpower on the mainstream Pokemon series title they have in development.

        They want to be known as the company making Pokemon while at the same time making a half-hearted attempt at their latest Pokemon title as they are working on other projects simultaneously. Sure, that makes sense.

      2. I’ve literally known that Game Freak was the developer since it popped up on my Gameboy screen when I first booted up my cousin’s copy of Red. How do you miss that?!

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