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Japan: SEGA has trademarked ‘Nights Dream Wheel’

SEGA could be developing a brand new Nights video game as the company has recently applied for a Nights Dream Wheel trademark in Japan. It has been a long time since we have had a game staring the iconic SEFGA character. The last Nights game was the disappointing Nights: Journey of Dreams for the Wii which launched back in December 2007.

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15 thoughts on “Japan: SEGA has trademarked ‘Nights Dream Wheel’”

      1. Well deciding to take a quick look into the trade marking and throwing it through a translation it seems to be for now anyhow a home console game but I’d still proceeded with caution regardless

    1. I was a bit disappointed in the Wii game. Having only played a demo of the original Saturn game and hearing lots of people talk about how good it was I was pretty excited about it but it didn’t really grab me so it’s probably not a series I’m into.

      1. thats because the controlls sucks on the wii. the wii-mote incl. nunchuck dident work and the pro controller either. they control has the 8-way identation so it was impossible to make smooth 360 circle and without that you cant match the course in a good way so it wasnt smooth.
        the game actualy was good as the saturn version… but unplayable.
        play the saturn version :-)

    2. “The last Nights game was the disappointing Nights: Journey of Dreams”

      It’s also the ONLY NiGHTS game to grace a Nintendo console. Could really use that HD remake on Switch. Also, Journey of Dreams wasn’t even that bad.

    3. With a name like “Dream Wheel” I immediately think it’s going to be a racing game- the question is, does NiGHTS have enough characters and environments to make it feasible? As someone who’s never played a NiGHTS game, I’m gonna give a tentative “no” to that.

      …Either that or NiGHTS-meets-Wheel-of-Fortune, which is even more unlikely.

    4. Google seems to fail in translating dates in English it seems

      Date of release: July 23, 2011 (2012.7.23)
      Publication Type Public Trademark Publication
      Application Number Business Application 2019-92799 (T2019-92799)
      Application date Dec. 4th, 1st, July (2019.7.4)
      Category 9 (Machinery), Class 28 (Toy)
      Products and Services Programs for home video game consoles, electronic circuits storing programs for home video game consoles, magnetic tapes, magnetic disks, optical disks, ROM cartridges, and other recording media, all 93 cases are displayed.
      Applicant: SEGA Games

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