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SEGA set to show off unannounced AAA game at Gamescom


SEGA has confirmed that it plans to unveil a AAA game at this month’s Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany. The company says it’s a high budget title, so speculation is brewing regarding what it could be. As always, we shall just have to wait to find out!

visitors will be treated to a first-hand look at an all-new AAA game that has yet to be revealed to the public

Source: SEGA pr


  1. If it’s the new 30th anniversary sonic game, it better have great gameplay. Sonic forces already mastered beautiful environments and a great soundtrack. All we need is gameplay (and story?) but then again, it could be the new nights

  2. A sonic mania sequel would be most welcome considering this is the best thing we’ve had from sega in years.

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