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Sensor Tower: Dr. Mario World has made $1,400,000 in revenue in its first month of availability

Dr. Mario World‘s first month of availability is in the books, so Sensor Tower has released some new data that reveals how the game has been performing so far. According to Sensor Tower, Dr. Mario World has been downloaded 7,400,000 times, and it has made $1,400,000. Unfortunately, the game has made the worst revenue out of any Nintendo mobile title. As for downloads, the only Nintendo mobile title that has done worse than Dr. Mario World is Dragalia Lost. You can see a chart containing more data down below.



  1. What surprises me most here is that only 1m people had installed dragalia lost in the first month and yet they still somehow managed to spend $26m within that time period. Basically that means that the average dragalia lost player had spent $26 in the first month of playing.

  2. Nintendo dropped the ball again on this one. First party Nintendo mobile games have been a big letdown for many. Will Mario Kart turn it around?

  3. Look. I’m clearly in the minority…but…but…I have really enjoyed Dr. Mario World. I haven’t spent even 1¢ but I play it every day. During my commute to work and home I play it. 1 player and competitive. It’s pretty fun. If you care about having all the doctors, then you will probably have to spend money. Otherwise just play and enjoy for free.

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