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A Hat in Time physical and digital coming to Nintendo Switch on 18th October


Update: Now confirmed!

It would seem as though the upcoming 3D platformer A Hat in Time will be receiving a physical release. The item was spotted on Amazon and seems to be coming on 18th October. Have a look at the lovely box art down below.





      This should explain why it’s got a teen rating. Apparently some dumbshits cried about some of the jokes being too dark for children. Not like a lot of family friendly Disney movies don’t already have some pretty dark shit of their own in them. Got to cater to the minority of vocal dipshits on the internet, though. Probably most of the whining came from Twitter as that’s where the loudest dipshits reside. That & Polygon, Kotaku, & other politically motivated sites. *cough* Sorry. Went on a bit of a rant there.

      1. Seriously? I’ve seen kids handle Coraline without batting an eye, and that movie is supremely dark from start to finish.

        It’s like Rooster says to Max in the recent Secret Life of Pets 2 movie: “Kid seems just fine. YOU’RE the one who’s scared of everything.”

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