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EA “Looking at more Switch games in our portfolio”


EA says that they are seriously thinking of bringing more of their bigger titles to the Nintendo Switch. As we know, the firm has been overly cautious when it comes to Nintendo’s current system with them only releasing FIFA, Unravel 2 and Fe. EA’s chief studios officer Laura Miele told Game Informer magazine the following about the company’s plans for the Nintendo Switch:

“Yes. We invested with FIFA. We had good success there. I love that we have such a great global reach and global presence on that platform with that game. We are absolutely looking at more Switch games in our portfolio, so more to come on that. We’re not going to announce anything as of yet. But it is absolutely a platform we’re looking at for some of our more successful games.”


16 thoughts on “EA “Looking at more Switch games in our portfolio””

  1. Not good enough success with FIFA that they’re going to bother making new versions for Switch though. This year’s FIFA for Switch will be a “legacy edition” i.e. literally just FIFA 19 with squad updates. It’s disrespectful to even sell that frankly, let alone at the full price which they will be doing. So EA, my advice is that if you’re not going to bother, then commit to it, and really don’t bother. I’m certainly not going to bother buying your games.

  2. Don’t care for anything EA. Only thing I would take a look at are indie studios that are unfortunately owned by EA. After seeing the news of Respawn lying about Apex microtransactions it’s another good studio lost. Unfortunately they hold lots of sports contracts that keep them afloat even with all the horrible decisions they make. The plague of EA lives on…. Sucks that they have the star wars contract too =/

    1. Respawn being shady with Apex Legends..? So much for people defending the new Star Wars game by saying Respawn is one of those cool, kickass developers under EA that you can “trust.”

      As for Star Wars, I don’t think Disney cares anymore that EA was the worst people to have the Star Wars video game contract under since they aren’t doing much better with the movie side of things right now either.

  3. Port Dead Space 1 and 2, don’t add anything, don’t remove anything, just port them and leave.
    Unless you manage to make a proper sequel to Bad Company series, just leave it to death.

      1. Well, I have already. Still would buy them for Switch if they ported them.
        Though almost forgot that I have 1 and 2 on Steam, because back in the day, Origin let me install the games with same codes that I had on Steam, and I added them there on the anticipation of Dead Space 3.
        Too bad it was cancelled.

      2. I’d personally like to see exclusive titles, but that’s a hard sell knowing EA now.

        I wonder if they’ll give us watered down versions of their “more successful games”.

      3. Don’t waste your time. Just sink in the market and wait to be assimilated by a new entity with completely new management. The body isn’t bad (EA Studios), it’s the head that smells badly.

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