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It looks like Pokemon Sword & Shield features an autosave feature


Eagle eyed fans have spotted an autosave feature in the next Pokemon titles for the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Sword & Shield. The latest trailer has an auto-saving message pop up at :45 of this video which was showcased during the eventful Nintendo Direct presentation which took place earlier this month. The news will be welcomed by some Pokemon fans and will displease others. Here’s PokeJungles concerns below:

  • Resetting for shiny Pokémon
  • Resetting for different natures
  • Saving before tough battles or encounters


23 thoughts on “It looks like Pokemon Sword & Shield features an autosave feature”

    1. They listed some concerns.
      – Resetting for shiny Pokémon
      – Resetting for different natures
      – Saving before tough battles or encounters

      With an autosave you simply have less control, which some might not like. And others, who just play on no matter what probably don’t care or do like it.

      1. Don’t forget that if the system autosaves the moment the game crashes (this does happen on Switch) or you’re out of battery, the gamesave will probably be corrupt; which always is annoying, but would be devastating in Pokémon.

      2. I guess that’s a possibility, though it would depend a lot on chance, how exactly the game saves the data, whether the auto-save is a separate save slot, etc. I don’t believe that’s truly a cause for worry at this time.

    1. It does?

      Oh that’s cool, I was gunna say that there are some things in Pokemon that you can’t do with auto-saves that you can without them, such as those people are mentioning here like shiny and IV resetting, but if you can load your auto-save OR manual save, then that should be fine.

      Although if normal saving were removed, I’d say the reason would be to remove those features rather than making saving seamless since it is pretty quick and easy as it is.

      No shiny and IV resetting would be interesting, but as far as IVs go, that’d just encourage more hacking on legends. Maybe they’re removing IVs entirely as I think they were planning on doing that for a while? I know they don’t like people tossing away 500 pokemon trying to breed for one that’s perfect, and quite frankly I don’t like it either.

      IVs are a pretty mechanic imo and just encourage breeding grind rather than battling which is the main source for fun in the game, so I’d be perfectly fine with them removed or replaced.

      It’s funny how much we’ve seen about the game, but huge mechanics like IVs, EVs, and other things like stat/ability/move reworks that’d have big impacts on gameplay we’re completely in the dark about because you can’t just tell how they are at a glance of the graphics.

  1. For the few special minorities who think this isn’t a big deal:
    -Saving during specific parts of the game is important, especially wehen you can’t even backup your save.
    -If you save right before a legendary Pokemon, you can go back and rechallenge it as many times as you want until luck kicks in and the pokemon stays caught, epeciallly if you kill it or run out of Pokeballs. This has been a major staple in obtaining every Pokemon since the 90’s. However, if a forced auto-save kicks in at the worst possible time, that legendary is GONE FOREVER, because running away or killing it is only way out of encounter limbo.
    -If there’s an effective way to obtain shiny starters (and other one-per-game Pokemon), we should be able to utilize it. Especially if manage to obtain two versions of a specific Pokemon and want to distinguish them as much as possible (ex. your Iron Island Lucario from DPPt/Shadows of Almia Riolu and the Lucario Korrina just gives to you in XY). With autosave, this will be impossible to do.
    -No Pokemon should have to be locked into having crappy natures that effect it’s stats. You should be able to keep resetting until you get something you’re satisfied with. Like above, auto-save will make this impossible.

    I am getting really fucking tired of GameFreak forcing us to play Pokemon their way (or the Ash Ketchum/Cameron from Unova way). Even worse, they keep us in the dark over what features are going to be completely removed. Making us trade away our own hard-raised Pokemon, shoving Pokemon Aime/Refresh in our faces, Classic Ribbons that prevent others from obtaining Pokemon locked behind other games (especially ones on smartphones), cutting us off from our older Pokemon, rubbing outcomes in the anime in our faces as if “god’s teachings” (lack of better term), etc.

    And here’s a shit scenario: The most gleeful 7-8 year-old in the worst, plays a Pokemon game for the first time, thinks he’s on the deepest adventure of his childhood that’ll set his path golden. Except, all his Pokemon have crappy natures/stats, he kills every last in-legendary on his first try, failing to capture them, he practically tosses his Master Ball at a random wild Pokemon or another trainer’s Pokemon, he doen’t even complete his Pokedex, he trades away his one-per-game version-exclusive Pokemon (that can’t be bred) for the other version’s counterpart, he runs away from shinies because he thinks the game is corrupted, puts in very little effort to obtain an event Pokemon (the Wi-Fi ones, as well as the retailer ones), waits patiently/hopefully for GameFreak/The Pokemon Company to rerelease said events, and when his save file is accidently erased, he just starts a new files, while treasurig “the fun memories” as the piano cover of the Pokemon theme song plays in his head. This example of a person disgusts me. Such a shameless failure.

    Piracymon/Hackmon has never looked so good right now.

  2. I cancelled my pre-orders for these durring E3, still no regrets as things seem to get worse and worse. I don’t want Gamefreak to become the next Sonic Team or EA so I’m only supporting Quality titles and suggest you do the same unless you want to prove that Gamefreak can give you anything and you’d still give them money for it, that’s what happened to other companies.

    1. Sonic Team has been disappointing lately, but they’re nowhere near EA levels of bad.

      Aside from that, I agree with you.

  3. Please have an option to turn that bullshit off. Sometimes I want my Pokemon to be a certain gender & have a certain nature & personality to fit the name I give the Pokemon and an auto-save feature will make this a pain in the ass to do. Not to mention the having to start from square one if I lose against one of the Elite Four people after the first one or even the champion, having to start over from square one. Oh & also not to mention the full restores & revives I used over the progress of getting through them. Those things cost a shit load of money so you’d be forced to grind for more money for a few hours if you had to buy more of them, making the Elite Four battles & Champion battle even more time consuming. Then there are the legendary Pokemon battles to think about if you don’t have a Master Ball (or don’t want to use the Master Ball) and all of those Pokeballs you just wasted & will have to buy more of.

    1. Just because someone knows what they are doing doesn’t mean they can’t still make mistakes. If autosave is a save separate from a manual save, all of us upset by it will take back what we’ve said. If it’s not a separate save, then GameFreak made a big mistake implementing it.

  4. I don’t see the problem. I doubt this will actually cause any issues. The “concerns” listed will likely be unaffected by auto-saves. It’s not like the game is gonna auto-save mid-battle after you run out of pokeballs or something. Plus I’m sure you can still create manual saves and choose to load that instead of the auto-save. People need to calm down.

    1. This is GameFreak. They’ve made stupid decisions before so I wouldn’t put it past them to do something as stupid as remove manual saves & only have auto-saves or have auto-saves overwrite manual saves. Til the games come out or we get more information, people should be concerned.

  5. I’m already miffed about the lack of a national Dex, so if this auto-save is forced with no way to disable it, I’m cancelling my preorder. Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice, shame on you.

  6. I hope that they’ll allow you to disable it like a lot of games do. It’s a nice feature to add, but only if it’s optional.

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