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Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg talks about how Ori and the Blind Forest came to be on Switch


The team over at Xbox have been super gracious about allowing some of their properties to come to the Nintendo Switch. Although Ori and the Blind Forest had been long rumoured for the Switch platform, many were surprised and overjoyed on social media to see the game announced for the system. Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg has revealed in the latest edition of MCV how the game came about to be on Nintendo Switch. Ori and the Blind Forest launches on the system on 27th September.

“Ori is built by Moon Studios, which is an independent, external studio. They came to us with a desire to bring the original Ori to the Switch. We thought that made sense, and we’re happy to work with them to enable them to bring that to Switch.”

“We understand their desire to bring that game to Switch, and in this particular case we were happy to support them. And we think that makes sense for the original Ori.”

“Our plans for Ori and Will of the Wisps is to launch it exclusively for on Xbox One and on the PC.”

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