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ERSB rates Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger for Nintendo Switch


It would appear as though Techlands surprise Nintendo Switch title is none other than Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger. The title was recently rated by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. As Twitter user Nibel points out, Techland had previously mention that there will be a surprise title coming to the platform before 2019 is over.


  1. One of the more fun CoJ games. Short, funny, and pack to the brim of action. Whoever hasn’t played it, I definitely recommend it.

      1. I believe he is, at least from what I remember. Though, the funny thing is that the narrator, does it with a Latin accent, and if I do remember correctly, he’s the one narrating the story. Either way, it’s a really fun game, and interesting story.

      2. Lol as a Mexican, I can honestly say, who gives a shit. At least there’s finally Mexicans in these games 😂 fuck resetera

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