Nintendo Switch

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash coming to Nintendo Switch 29th October

Rising Star Games has announced the release date for the soon-to-be-released Harvest Moon: Mad Dash on Nintendo Switch. You will be able to purchase the game directly from the Nintendo Switch eShop on 29th October or get the game physically at your favourite retailer. Alternatively if you reside in Europe then you can pick up the physical edition on 15th November. Check out the video down below.


  1. When people said Harvest Moon was starting to look like a mobile game in terms of design, the developers weren’t supposed to take it literally and make the next game straight up fit for a f2p app.

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  2. Huh, looks like Harvest Moon is coming out with another Mobile game before the Mineral Town remake releases.

    Wait, what do you mean this is a console game for the Switch and PS4?


    1. Just a quick thing, modern Harvest Moon isn’t made by the same people as old Harvest Moon. They now release games under Story of Seasons. That’s why the FoMT game is Story of Seasons.


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