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New characters and screens from upcoming Pokemon anime series


The team at The Pokemon Company have lifted the lid on some of the new characters who will feature in the upcoming Pokemon anime series. The first character is Professor Sakuragi. His workplace is none other than the Sakuragi Research Institute in Vermilion City in Kanto which is the homebase of Ash and Go when they embark on their various escapades. The second character is Koharu, who is Professor Sakuragi’s 10 year old daughter. Her Pokemon is Yamper she’s a childhood friend of Go.



    1. Good question. I was thinking the same thing buddy. Speaking of witch, I some people fear that this new series will not be the same since Ash has won the league.

      1. Hopefully since the Orange Islands Pokemon League isn’t a canon Pokemon League that it’ll be different this time since Alola Pokemon League is canon. Since it wasn’t canon to the games, I never considered Ash an actual Pokemon League champion til now, since it seemed the anime never cared about that league win, either.

  1. So this is the new female lead. I’ve seen worse. Let’s hope she knows her place and doesn’t try to steal Ash from Misty.

  2. So they’re getting rid of Oak now that his JP voice actor has passed away, I assume, as with Japanese tradition.

    Also is that a completely new Pokémon? Have we seen that one before now?

    1. Honestly, he is way too easy to get rid of, but i don’t think so. I’m pretty sure the company will find a new voice actor replacement for Professor Oak old voice actor. Funimation did the same for Dragon Ball Series in JP the voice of Bulma who pass away in 2017 and they hired a new voice actress to voice Bulma in future Dragon Ball series in 2018. Aya Hisakawa is the new voice of Bulma when Dragon Ball Super is nearing an end.

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