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Digital Foundry: Resident Evil 5 & 6 Switch demo graphics comparisons & performance testing


Digital Foundry has released a brand new graphics comparison video on their YouTube channel. This video provides graphics comparisons and performance testing of the Nintendo Switch demos of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6. According to the video’s description, “the basics are there, resolution is high, but performance isn’t quite right”. You can see the video for yourself down below. Edit: Here’s a summary incase you weren’t able to view the video. The summary is from ResetEra member, chandoog:

Resident Evil 5:

    • Docked 1080p, Handheld 720p with AA blurrier compared to XBO/PS4.
    • Derived from XBO/PS4 version so has ‘improvements’ like wider FoV etc.
    • Motion blur disabled on Switch. John comments it looks better on 360 ‘in motion’ (compared to Switch)
    • Shadows also lower resolution.
    • RE5 on base PS4/XBO was close to 60 FPS but didn’t manage locked frame rate (Pro and X do by brute forcing)
    • NVIDIA Shield version also commented on: 720p with ‘abysmal’ frame rate and quarter resolution texture and effects.
    • Switch version has uncapped frame rate with wildly unstable level of performance.
    • Frame rate is at or above 30 FPS most of the time, but prone to drop. DF thinks a 30 FPS cap would have been much better.
    • Portable mode equally bad in terms of frame consistency.
    • “The 360 version feels more impressive to play”
    • Switch also has longer load times compared to 360 version off a DVD (not even installed).

Resident Evil 6:

  • PS4/XBO ran the game pretty flawlessly at 1080p/60.
  • Docked 1080p, Handheld 720p.
  • Switch version looks exactly like the other versions (no MB, shadow quality related issues)
  • Performance is even less stable than RE5.
  • Opening cut-scene has 17~22 FPS average
  • Game-play average is 25~35 FPS, and gets worse during Chris’s opening chapters. Long stretches of low 20’s and the like.
  • Frame rate fluctuates wildly depending on where you’re looking at the screen.
  • Split screen almost consistently under 20 FPS.


7 thoughts on “Digital Foundry: Resident Evil 5 & 6 Switch demo graphics comparisons & performance testing”

  1. Capcom can’t be arsed again.
    A game like res 5 should run smoothly no problems on switch considering some of the stuff that’s running well on it already.
    A little bit of work is just toooo much to ask!

    1. You should watch Stephen and Mal Play RE6 because it’s fun to watch them play a terrible and they both agree it’s not the best but its better than what people claim it to be.

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