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Fortnite now experiencing intentional blackout

If you visited the Web this past weekend, you may have noticed Fortnite on headlines left, right and center. The battle royale title is currently undergoing an unexpected yet intentional blackout that’s affecting players across the globe. Many fans are jumping to the conclusion that this might signal the end of the line for the game; however, season 11 is still on track to kick off later this week. You can tune in to a livestream of the blackout via the embedded video below:

18 thoughts on “Fortnite now experiencing intentional blackout”

  1. There are litteral kids, and adults having horrible withdrawl symptoms because fortnite isn’t working (just look how they act on social media about it) , I never like the series but it always felt like one of those addicting games people would automaticaly say video games cause violence, and try to look over games that doesn’t have or require violence

  2. I honestly don’t care, I couldn’t get into the event because their servers are bad na they couldn’t even let me see once I got into the lobby somehow. Now supposedly the blackout ends on tuesday. At that point I predict they’ll lose a ton of playerbase because of all the flaws and the time they’re taking to update the game

  3. Tbh this is probably their way of giving Fortnite just a little more activity since the game’s no longer mainstream; many people quit the game due it being no longer mainstream, it being cringy, obnoxious, or due to other opinionated reasons, so I’m definitely expecting to see a ton of players (active and non active) to be flooding back to Fortnite battle royale once it comes back online since they’ll have “missed it” by then and will be willing to play it again after this delay.

    TL;DR this is an attempt at bringing back a little more activity to their game by bringing back the active players and the ones who quit even strongly. A simple yet (unfortunately) brilliant marketing strategy.

    1. There is nothing childish about giving the middle finger to a shit company that cares more about money than being fair to their customers. If Blizzard had just banned the guy for less than 6 months & still gave him his money from the get go instead of not giving him his winnings, banning him for a year, waiting nearly an entire week to rescind the decision (6 months is still too fucking long), & told the truth, only a small number of people would be bashing the stupid company.

    2. Besides, companies like Blizzard, EA, Disney, etc have gotten away with way too much in the last few years with treating half, if not most, of their customer/fanbase like shit. These companies need to be reminded who REALLY controls the entertainment industry: the people who pay money that keeps them afloat.

        1. I think 6 months is still too harsh. At least lower it to 1 or 2 months, 3 at the most. He’s probably not too bothered, though, as, like you said, he knew what he was doing. Making a statement using the platform he was given, which put him in the public eye, was more important than any punishment he knew he’d incur. Blizzard effectively made the kid a martyr; minus the dying part.

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