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Tekken producer Harada is frustrated by Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC requests


Everyone has a character they would love to see appear in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and with DLC slots still to fill people are continuing to use social media to request theirs. However, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada says that the people who are actively spamming requests to Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai are actually hampering his development efforts and he says requesting a character just once is fine, but continuing to spam your choice of character isn’t doing anyone any good.

He noted that such “spamming” is actually “hampering” the work of Masahiro Sakurai, the game’s director and scenario writer, and his team. He also closed it out by saying, “Developers don’t negotiate with Spammer [sic] and terrorists.”

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19 thoughts on “Tekken producer Harada is frustrated by Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC requests”

  1. I get it, spam and spamming is annoying, but “I talk . . . so that your request will NOT be approved as much as possible” is a rather childish response. Also, how do you not approve something as much as possible? Is it possible to only half-approve something? “Look, we’ll make Goku a fighter… but we won’t animate him. Have fun with him in a permanent T-pose!”

    Or, you could just, y’know, not look at Twitter?

    Also, terrorists aren’t exactly a great thing to call your fanbase.

  2. All because some people forgot he was tagged. Just seems like he’s being an asshole honestly. Good thing I don’t want a Tekken character.

  3. No spamming even occurred. Someone tagged him and no one noticed so he ended up getting every message in the conversation

  4. xD I’m gonna assume he’s joking about the “terrorist” part. Anyway, these companies need to get off of Twitter, anyway. The vocal & annoying few are giving some of them the wrong impression that Twitter makes up the majority of the world when Twitter only has around maybe 300-400m users compared to the billions & billions on the planet.

    1. Actually, only about 50% of the world’s population use the internet, which makes 300-400m already about 10% of the internet’s users. And if you filtered for only the gaming and tech enthusiasts I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually did get close or even above 50% of them being on Twitter.

    2. +Overlord Infinite Ridley
      To be fair, this isn’t an official account, it’s only Harada’s personal Twitter. If people are going to base the entirety of Tekken and Smash Bros just off the director’s personal Twitter account then I’d say that’s their mistake.
      If it was the official Bandai Namco Twitter then yes, I agree it would be more understandable but here? Nah.

  5. Well, those are just greedy spammers who wants to be greedy on getting there best DLC characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This is not a Smash Ballot you know. Developing a character and add it to a crossover takes time. Besides, I used to play Tekken once before on the N64.

    1. From what I’ve seen, Harada is pretty similar to Kamiya but is more of a jokester. Like one tweet asked for Lucky Chloe to be removed because she sucks & Harada responded with “I’ll remove you…” xD Guy is clearly a jokester.

    2. All you salty peeps in here sound like the ATP stoners. As Harada said, 1 request tweet is enough. Spamming the devs doesn’t help your character request. I’m gonna laugh at you all if none of your characters make it in and we get a Mishima in Season 2.

    3. If I was a creator with a fan base I would pretty much ignore the responses to my social media posts. The toxic part of every fan base feels like it would be too exhausting.

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