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Rumour: Blizzard is preparing Diablo 2 Remastered and Diablo 4 for Blizzcon 2019


Blizzard is apparently developing two Diablo titles at the moment. One of them is a remaster and one is a brand new title. The remaster is Diablo 2 which appeared on the PC way back in 2000. The other title is the next in the Diablo series titled, Diablo 4. Kotaku announced a while back that the game has undergone significant changes within the last few years. Blizzcon 2019 will be the place where these titles will be unveiled to the public and it commences on Friday, 1st November. As with all rumours we shall have to wait and see what actually takes the spotlight.

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  1. I think we all already know what the main spotlight of this year’s Blizzcon is going to be and I can’t wait to see how Blizzard reacts to it.

  2. I’m not sure all nations would fully appreciate a game with Satanic imagery. Do they have some kind of council of approved thoughts to run this by first?

  3. I’m gonna enjoy nearly every single bit of negativity going their way. (I say nearly because there are gonna be a very small few lunatics that will wish death on them. While I don’t agree with Anita Sarkeesian or Zoe Quinn or anyone else in the PC culture sect of left wing politics, wishing death on them isn’t cool no matter how big of a loser they are.)

    1. “anyone seriously still mad over the Blizzard crap wants to be upset over something.”

      You’re really completely incapable of imagining someone with actual principles?

      1. Cronotose Welcome to dealing with conservatives. They don’t understand concepts like empathy.

        They assume everyone is as dead inside as them.

    2. You haven’t paid attention to the Blizzard stuff since they gave Blitzchung his money & cut his ban down to 6 months, have you? I don’t think you have if you think people are still mad just to have something to be angry about. (For once, this isn’t a bunch of idiot SJWs crying over se.xy fictional female characters & how it’s propagating “rape culture”, “misogyny”, “kiddy po.rn”, or the dreaded “patriarchy” just so they can have something to be offended by & angry about.) Just google Blizzard and you’ll easily be able to find some articles talking about how Blizzard is STILL defending mainland China. Although, I recommend checking out TheQuartering on YouTube as he’s covering the China & Blizzard crap fairly well.

  4. I’d believe that. I read elsewhere the rumour was Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2. I found that way less likely. They aint announcing Overwatch 2 weeks after releasing overwatch 1 on switch. you’ve got at least 2 more years. Especially with all the content they keep releasing. that has to slow first.

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