Nintendo Switch

Cory Barlog (God Of War) comes away impressed with The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch


God of War for Sony’s PlayStation 4 was one of the top rated video games of 2018 and its producer, Cory Barlog, is a regular Twitter poster. His latest tweet reveals that he’s one  proud owner of a Nintendo Switch Lite system and is also the owner of a copy of the majestic, The Witcher 3. Mr. Barlog says that he loves being able to play the critically acclaimed RPG on the go and is just one of the many happy customers of Nintendo’s latest platform.


  1. game designers could really share their appreciation of their competitor’s work more often. especially Nintendo reraly does that but even Aonuma spread his love for Skyrim when he talked about influences fr BotW. These games aren’t crafted by a weird dwarven-tribe in some unknown mountain. It’s done by real people like you and me and they play games of all kinds and often even speak with each other beyond the borders of their own company. Companies often don’t like it to look that way, but it’s the reason why the users always get an expeirence which is the result of exchange among these creative minds. Not because they’re natural born gaming-senseis.

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