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Pre-purchase Luigi’s Mansion 3 for double Gold Points on My Nintendo

For a limited time, My Nintendo members can earn double the amount of Gold Points if they pre-purchase the digital version of Luigi’s Mansion 3. You can take advantage of this offer by buying the upcoming Nintendo Switch game via the Nintendo eShop, or through the official Nintendo site by October 30 at 8:59 p.m. PT. So long as you go either route, the bonus points will be issued to your account on the game’s launch day, which falls on October 31.

5 thoughts on “Pre-purchase Luigi’s Mansion 3 for double Gold Points on My Nintendo”

    1. Only reason why I use it is because Gold Points can be exchanged for real money on the switch eShop. It really sucks other than that.

      They are doing one cool thing with it right now though; if you’ve got Platinum Coins (the ones that are basically worthless), you can exchange them for entries into a Luigi’s Mansion 3 sweepstakes. I won’t shill it too much, but it’s definitely the most they’ve done with the rewards probably since they released them

      1. From what I’ve gathered, you can only have 3 entries, each costing 10 plat points (so, 30 for 3) and there were NO other options, and I can’t redeem for more chances. I have 1700 more plat points and nothing else I want to use them on, so why can’t I sink a bunch more of them into a winning chance?

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