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Japan: Shigeru Miyamoto recognised as a Person of Cultural Merit


The legendary Shigeru Miyamoto has finally received the honour of being recognised as a Person of Cultural Merit by Japan. This is a huge achievement for Mr. Miyamoto as it is awarded to those people who have made outstanding cultural contributions. Mr. Miyamoto is the first video game developer to have received this Japanese honour and he was humbled. He also said that “This is a job where you can’t do anything by yourself”  noting that his fellow developers also helped him achieve his success.

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7 thoughts on “Japan: Shigeru Miyamoto recognised as a Person of Cultural Merit”

    1. yeah, not sure how I feel about that comment

      I know he’s not thinking too hard about it, and he’s just trying to be humble, but there are plenty of indie developers out there who are one-man teams that have made great/influential games, like Cave Story by Pixel for example.

  1. He also should be recognized as a liar.
    Pikmin 4 is near completion right? Yeah right. Just admit your lying self never started Pikmin 4. Just like an adverage game designer wait 10 years to make a sequel

    1. At this point, I think we got to take into consideration that maybe it was a translation error; these things still happen unfortunately. Or that Miyamoto actually was talking about that side scrolling Pikmin game for 3DS as it was technically the 4th Pikmin game.

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