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Sensor Tower: Mario Kart Tour was downloaded 123,900,000 times in its first month of availability

Mario Kart Tour has been out for a month now, so Sensor Tower has released some more data. Mario Kart Tour now has “an estimated 123,900,000 million unique downloads across both the App Store and Google Play, generating $37,400,000 million in player spending since its worldwide release on September 25”. The game is number 1 in downloads, but number 2 in player spending. Fire Emblem Heroes had earned $67,600,000 in its first month of availability. As for downloads, it isn’t even close. Super Mario Run is in second place, but it only got 21,800,000 in its launch month.

According to Sensor Tower, “Mario Kart Tour is faring less well in terms of revenue per download, with an average of $0.26 spent per player — a slight improvement over Dr. Mario World’s $0.19 per player, while Dragalia Lost’s impressive $16.50 per player in its first month has yet to be beat”. However, there is one game missing from the list: Pokemon GO. Sensor Tower says that “Mario Kart Tour is still performing impressively, with its 123,900,000 equaling 76% of Pokémon GO’s 163,000,000 downloads in its first 30 days”. It was also noted that Pokemon GO was originally limited to just the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. It wasn’t the much more complete global launch that Mario Kart Tour got. That all said, you can see a chart for launch month Nintendo mobile downloads down below.


3 thoughts on “Sensor Tower: Mario Kart Tour was downloaded 123,900,000 times in its first month of availability”

  1. Ok great!
    So can we now have some dlc for Mario kart 8 So I can play new Mario kart stuff, True style!
    And then Mario kart 9 when ur ready

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