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Minecraft Dungeons was inspired by Nintendo 3DS development


The upcoming Minecraft Dungeons video game came about as a result of experimenting with Nintendo 3DS development. Jens Bergensten who is the chief creative officer at Mojang revealed this nugget of information in the new Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: Origins video. Here’s what was said for those unable to view the video:

“It all started when we were trying to figure out a cool Minecraft-style game for the Nintendo 3DS.”

“We toyed with a bunch of different ideas, but finally making a dungeon crawler was something that really struck a chord with us.”

  • Jens Bergensten, chief creative officer at Mojang

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  1. And yet, there are no plans for a 3DS version? I am of course kidding, the only games coming out on the 3DS are other occasional eShop game. Which is a shame, it’s still a good system. I will be Amazoning DS and 3DS games for a long while.

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